As Australians we are a nation of small businesses, and operating a small business is fraught with many problems and requirements, i.e. workplace laws, local government laws, tax rules, employment rules and laws as well as the legal requirements of operating a company or business.

At Longfellows we offer a selection of liability policies to help you manage the exposures resulting from your business operations.

  • Public Liability

    Your liability for property damage and/or bodily injury to third parties resulting from the operation of your business.

  • Products liability

    Your liability for property damage and/or bodily injury to third parties resulting from, or caused by the products manufactured and/or sold by you.

    Ask Longfellows about Product Guarantee, Product Recall or Tampering.

  • Directors & Officers Liability

    Your personal liability arising from your duties as a director, as well as legal expenses incurred by the business in the defence of any action issued against any director or person in management.

  • Employment Practices Liability

    Employment issues that result in costs and awards which your business is legally liable to pay.

  • Association Liability

    Insures the public liability for associations, and the personal legal liability of its officers and/or committee.

Through Longfellows’ associations with major insurance companies, and our access to specialist underwriting agencies (such as Lloyds of London), we are able to offer our clients a broad range of solutions.

Some of our clients are involved in the following areas:

  • Movement of Natural Gas
  • Filtration of the Environment (i.e. air and water)
  • Wine Production
  • Special Events, Festivals, Public & Private Gatherings
  • Construction and Renovation (Industrial, Commercial & Residential)
  • Food Packaging

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