Professional Risks

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity insurance protects you against a (financial) loss by a third party resulting from an error or failure of your professional advice or services. Professional indemnity is also referred to as ‘errors and omissions’ or ‘professional negligence’, and cover extends to include the costs involved in responding to and defending such legal action, along with any resulting judgements if your liability is proven.

Directors & Officers

Some significant corporate failures have resulted in a dramatic increase in Corporate Governance and regulatory surveillance. This means that directors and officers can become personally liable in the event that they fail in their corporate responsibilities. Directors & Officers provides cover for legal defence and claims against directors in the event of a ‘wrongful act’ being committed whilst conducting professional duties, such as a Breach of the Trade Practices Act, Breach of Contract, Defamation and enquiries by regulatory bodies such as ASIC or the ATO.

IT Liability

Due to the distinct exposures faced by the Information Technology Industry, standard Professional Indemnity policies are not always suitable. IT Liability policies include Professional Indemnity as well as Public and Products Liability cover to ensure that IT professionals from Consultants to Software and Hardware Designers are covered for their respective activities.

Construction and Builder Warranty

Longfellows have access to a number of facilities to assist with the placement of Domestic and Commercial builders warranty as well as Construction and Contract Works Insurance.

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